New Lawyer Tip Of The Week – Feb. Boot Camp Launch!

We are constantly encouraging you – law students and new lawyers – to self-educate. To take your careers into your own hands, decipher your ideal path, and excel in that path. Our philosophy is that instead of approaching your career in a passive way (whether you presently have a job or not), your experience will be that much better if you are proactive.

If you do not yet have a job, research your ideal legal practice. Go after the job you want (and stay with the pursuit even when things are looking down). Make sure you are exceedingly prepared for any interviews, engaging during the interview process, and the best practitioner you can be once you get the job.

And throughout your career, actively seek out learning and networking opportunities that will set you apart and give you an edge. Be open to learning, growing, and refining your skills so you are (and continue to be) an indispensable member of your legal team.

Now here’s our big news: This month, we are putting your self-education and practical skills into action. Join us in Chicago February 24-26 for our new lawyer intensive boot camp training. Your outlook, career assessment, and practitioner skills are due for a major tune up. Basic Skills and lots of general CLE credits to be earned, too. Hang out with us for the weekend and tell me your practice – and life – aren’t better for it. What are you waiting for? Enroll today!

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