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I learned more about becoming a successful lawyer [from Greenhorn Legal] than all of my law school classes combined. — Justin Malenius, JD 2012

Law Students Lack Practical Skills

Your law students are bright, ambitious, hard working. Still, it is a fact that they lack many of the practical skills that are required for a successful legal career. Law schools have come under scrutiny in recent years for this very thing — not preparing their law students to practice law.

How Can You Help?

You want to help. But you’re stuck. You want to offer practical skills training, but your academic, administrative, and other responsibilities prevent you from spending the time it would take to create a comprehensive practical skills training program. You may not know exactly what skills matter most in this contemporary legal practice environment. You hire costly outside consultants to speak on discreet topics but the programs are ineffective. Or maybe you invite alumni to make presentations free of charge, but you don’t see a widespread change in your students as a result. And you can’t get enough law students to attend the programs to make it worthwhile, anyway.

What You Need

You need an integrated, in-depth practical skills training program that tracks the precise skills employers are looking for from law students and new lawyers. You need a program that is available to your students all year long and year after year, so they can watch on their own time and any time they would like. You need a dependable practical skills training program that will change the way your law students approach the job market and their first jobs out of law school.

The Greenhorn Legal Practical Skills Training Series

The Greenhorn Legal Practical Skills Training series is your practical skills solution. There is no other practical skills training like this.

Desiree Moore, founder of Greenhorn Legal and creator of the Practical Skills Training series, literally wrote the book on the best ways for law students and new lawyers to thrive in this difficult job market (her book, Thrive, is an ABA bestseller!). Ms. Moore and her expertise have been featured in Bloomberg Law, Ms. JD, Above the Law, the National Law Journal, the Law Insider, and Lexis Nexis Hub for New Lawyers to name a few.

Ms. Moore has worked with law schools and law firms across the country. And now she’s bringing her training to you. Through an on-line subscription website, the Greenhorn Legal Practical Skills training will be available to your law students for the entire academic year. The on-line model will maximize the number of students who watch and learn from these invaluable programs. This model also allows us to offer our top-notch programs at a rate that is significantly lower than alternative live training options. This is simply the best, most convenient, most cost effective way to offer best practical skills training to your law students.

What does the Greenhorn Legal Practical Skills Training Series include?

When you join our subscription plan, your student body will have access to practical skills training throughout the academic year on the following topics:

Professionalism 101

In this video, we discuss the significance of professionalism in a legal practice environment, as well as how to leverage attire, demeanor, and specific interpersonal skills to project professionalism in an early legal career.

Mentorship Principles for New Lawyers

In this video, we discuss the importance of finding mentors to advocate for and support new lawyers in their early legal careers. We discuss the five key qualities to look for in a mentor, as well as the top seven ways to utilize mentors, for maximum results.

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

In this video, we discuss the best ways to use social media, both from an ethics perspective as a member of the bar and to enhance any legal practice. We cover the basics of social media marketing to ensure new lawyers are approaching their legal practices as the business endeavors that they are.

Fundamentals of Relationship Building

In this video, we discuss the most effective approach to building relationships with senior attorneys, including how to best make introductions and approach the assignment process in any legal practice environment.

Time Management & Organization for Lawyers

In this video, we are taking a close look at the best tools and methods for managing time and staying physically and mentally organized in an early legal career and beyond.

Networking and Marketing for Lawyers

In this video, we are identifying the most common networking and marketing mistakes and sharing key techniques for perfecting networking and marketing for your legal career.

Bonus Video 1: New Lawyer Goal Setting Guide

Innovative, step-by-step process for setting and achieving professional and personal goals.

Bonus Video 2: Fundamental Qualities of Effective Communicators

Confidence, enthusiasm, and sincerity are essential to effective communication. Embody and project these three characteristics in communications with potential employers, colleagues, and clients.

Bonus Video 3: How To Rock Your Interviews

The three “Ps” of interviewing — a sure fire way to rock those interviews every time.

Bonus Video 4: Mindset

In order to be the best lawyer you can be from day one, you have to be in the proper mindset.

These are skills your law students must know to find success in their legal careers. Each video program is designed to set your law students apart in this competitive market and give them the tools and resources they need to succeed. Your law students will come out of law school not only with the rich curriculum you have provided for them but also with personal skills, practical skills, and the business sense to ensure they find success in their job search and in their careers sooner.

How long does it take to complete the program?

This is a go-at-your-own-pace, video based learning program. Your law students will have access to the training throughout the entire academic year. Students may watch the videos on their own time and any time they would like. There is no limit to how many times they may watch the videos.

We are also mindful of your students’ time. Each video in the series is approximately 20 minutes long. We get right to the point and share information that is practical and actionable. Students rave that this is the best training they have had in their law school careers.

How does the subscription model work?

For a one-time yearly payment of $3,449, you will gain access to all of the training videos in this series. You will receive a universal password to share with your entire student body for the entire academic year. We will provide you with template instructional emails to send out to your student body as well.

As a member of our subscription website, you will also have ’round the clock technical support and access to telephone consultations with founder and creator Desiree Moore to address any questions you may have. Your students may also contact us at any time and we will connect personally with each one to be sure their thoughts, questions, and concerns are addressed in a timely and helpful manner.

For the cost of hiring one legal consultant to put on a short presentation to a select few students who choose to attend, your entire student body will have convenient access to the best practical skills training out there. For less than the cost of hiring one adjunct professor who will lecture to a small group of students, this program will reach your entire student body and will cover many more topics than any one law school class combined.

There is no reason to hesitate. This practical skills training series will elevate your law school curriculum, embolden your law students, and address head on the practical skills dilemma. They are ready.

You are ready. We’re here to help.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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Bonus! If you enroll for the 2013-2014 academic year before May 1, 2013, you will have unlimited access to the practical skills training series to share with your students for the remainder of the Spring 2013 academic year!

Paying by check? Please click here for an order form. Or contact us for questions or to enroll over the telephone.

What Others Are Saying…

As a student at the University of Chicago Law School, I found this course to be indescribably beneficial. For me, the measure of any good course rests in my capacity, at the end of the course, to successfully utilize and apply the information taught in the course; and let me say that it is in any attorney’s benefit to successfully utilize and apply the concepts taught in this course. After all, the course teaches its participants how to attain the highest levels of achievement in the uncompromising law firm environment. It is on this measure that I rate this course so highly. This course offers both valuable insight into the work at a firm that I have not been able to find anywhere else, but just as important, information that is delivered in a manner that is easily absorbed and readily applicable in practice. I was given the rare opportunity to learn from the perspective of respected judges and senior attorneys with profound guidance on the qualities and practices of the most competent attorneys. As a former patent examiner at the USPTO with several years of experience and having worked closely with many law firms in the past, I wish I had been taught many of these skills far sooner!

Vivek Krishnan, Law Student, University of Chicago

Attending Greenhorn Legal’s new lawyer training is the best decision I’ve made in law school. I learned more about becoming a successful lawyer in their three-day course than all of my law school classes combined. The course’s combination of lecture, personal anecdotes, and hands-on work makes for an invaluable and entertaining learning experience. The course’s instructors are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly helpful. They truly want to help you become a better attorney and learn from the mistakes that they made as a first-year associate. If you are serious about your legal career, you must attend Greenhorn Legal’s new lawyer training.

Justin Malenius, Law Student, Loyola University Chicago School of Law

I wish this course had been available to me during law school! So many of the Greenhorn Legal Tips prompted discussion on areas of real practice that just are not addressed during school, by the bar exam or in one’s first year as a new lawyer. I know that if a course like this had been offered, even by a private company requiring separate tuition, when I was a 3L, I would have jumped at the chance to take it. The course was valuable and the small group setting allowed for the instructors to apply the skills being taught to my individual practice and needs.

Laura Fischer, Associate, Carmell Charone Widmer Moss & Barr, Ltd.

As a student recently thrust into a firm environment I can honestly say that this program provided invaluable knowledge unlikely to be found in any 1, 2, or 3L course. Any aspiring professional will benefit from Greenhorn. This course provides both hard and soft skills that all practitioners should possess. Whether you are a student looking for internships or a young associate well on your way to partner, the practically based curriculum will help you to function in a firm setting, stand out as a polished professional, and feel like a seasoned veteran as you navigate your nearest courthouse. Importing this knowledge early in my career will allow me to exit school that much more confident and that much more of a stand out associate. I recommend Greenhorn to anyone who sees themselves someday working in a law firm, be it years or days down the road.

Brandon Greger, Loyola JD, class of 2013; Loyola MBA, class of 2014

Generally, I thought the inaugural Greenhorn Legal course was the perfect introduction to what should be expected in the early years of a legal career. But that statement doesn’t do justice to the content of the course. The course was more than that. From the first moment, it was packed with things that are so important in a day-to-day legal career, as well as in life.

I appreciate your understanding that new lawyers need the universal truths (such as the importance of making decided mental commitments to our careers, of being committed to the present moment and to the work we are doing today) as much as we need the practical day-to-day how-to’s (such as the Letter Writing and Email Writing Guidelines and the New Lawyer Checklist). I’ve already incorporated both into my life. For example, during the evening after the second day of the course, I needed to send two emails to the opposing counsel in a case I am working on-I consulted the Email Writing Guidelines before hitting `send.’ And because this particular opposing attorney is a bit of a bully, I reminded myself to be reasonable and even-tempered (and to not write anything I wouldn’t want a judge to read) when composing those emails.

The quality of the Greenhorn Legal instruction was everything I expected from you. I thought that the video-instructors were so well-chosen (or perhaps well-edited?). Their messages were concise and understandable. The guest speakers were also amazing. For example, I feel that the information and advice gleaned from Brooke’s health and wellness talk will be invaluable to me in my career. I also thought the Greenhorn tips were spot-on tidbits of daily advice. They may seem like they should be common-sense but they aren’t, at least not to me. And I especially enjoyed your photos.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this course! You instructed me and inspired me this weekend.

Jamie Hossa, Graduate Fellow Attorney, L.L.M. 2011

If you want to learn how to actually practice law — the real nuts and bolts of it — and you would like to enjoy doing so, I can think of no greater teacher than Desiree Moore and Greenhorn Legal. She has an open and engaging manner which both compliments and enhances her exceptional organization, creativity, and clarity of presentation. Her ability to take seemingly daunting material and deconstruct it to the point of simplicity is, in the best sense of the word, startling. She is earnest in her desire to help her students improve. Her heartfelt encouragement is genuinely reassuring. Her accessibility to answer any and all questions at seemingly all hours is, in my experience, wholly unmatched. I cannot recommend her highly enough to any lawyer new to the profession who seeks to demystify their nascent career.

Peter Beckmann, JD, 2011

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